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The Religious Community of the Sanctuary of San Luca

The Religious Community of the Sanctuary of San Luca

The Sanctuary represents a spiritual meeting point for religious followers, tourists, and citizens of Bologna. Visitors to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca are often motivated by various personal and spiritual reasons to meditate, reflect, and pray. This place of worship follows the diocesan integrated pastoral program by implementing instructions provided by the bishop presiding over the pilgrim church of Bologna. The rector of the Sanctuary and the diocesan priests have the important task of welcoming pilgrims to confessional while providing comfort and support with the sacrament of reconciliation. The religious community of the Sanctuary is entirely dedicated to the service of the faithful and consists of:


Episcopal Vicar: Monsignor Remo Resca

Don Vittorio Fortini

Don Giancarlo Lugli


Missionarie di Gesù Ostia in Bologna

The Bolognese institute of the Missionarie di Gesù Ostia was founded in Mexico by Mother Maria De los Dolores Torres López in 1958. The regents of the institute profess their faith by virtue of love for Jesus the Eucharist. The sisters of the Congregation are charged with welcoming the priests in the sacristy, caring for the furnishings and liturgical clothes, and managing secretarial duties for booking Holy Masses and pilgrimages. These women make up a religious community belonging to the Catholic Church.

Performing these tasks with love and devotion, the religious prepare for this life with a formative period consisting of various stages: it begins with the aspirate, continues with one year of postulancy, two as a novitiate, six as a juniorate, and is completed upon their acceptance of the religious profession, embracing a perpetual vow of chastity, poverty, and obedience. The apostolate is carried out with joy and great devotion so that Jesus Christ may be known, loved, and adored in his Sacrament of Love: the Eucharist for the salvation of all faithful followers.

The task of the Missionarie di Gesù Ostia in Bologna is to transmit the love of Jesus and guide followers towards eternal salvation. The sisters follow the example of the Apostles who, moved by the Holy Spirit, invite everyone to transform their lives by receiving Baptism and following the Doctrines imparted by Our Lord. The Missionaries help people escape the various forms of spiritual darkness in which they may live: only the light of God can illuminate the souls of men. The sisters all live together in a community according to the will of God and abandon everything that may displease the Lord. The religious dress is white and burgundy, to symbolize the colors of the host and the wine. They wear this dress with joy as a testimony of oblation.