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The Deacons and the Confraternities

The Deacons and the Confraternities

The Sanctuary is always ready to welcome guests. Religious visitors to the Sanctuary will find:

– the deacon, appointed by the bishop to carry out liturgical activities

– the Domenichini brotherhood, who carry the revered image on their shoulders every time it leaves the Sanctuary. Furthermore, every third Sunday of the month at 7am, the Domenichini gather at the Arco del Meloncello to walk up the porticoes in pilgrimage together, reaching the Sanctuary in time to celebrate Holy Mass at 8am.

– the sisterhood committee for the honor of the Blessed Virgin of San Luca is responsible for organizational tasks and hospitality. This group of women serves during the week when the venerated image is found in the cathedral, while Sunday is dedicated to collecting offerings at the Sanctuary.

– the Sabbatini brotherhood goes on a penitential pilgrimage up to the Sanctuary every Saturday at 6am

– La Pia Unione dei Raccoglitori Gratuiti is responsible for collecting offerings that go towards maintenance of the church and its services

– members of the Basilica Choir animate each Holy Mass with liturgical music.