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For information about pilgrimage services: or Tel. 0516142339

To honor the icon of the Madonna of San Luca, many faithful tourists organize pilgrimages from different parts of Italy to visit the sanctuary in Bologna. The Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca is a place of devotion and worship that is visited by a significant number of pilgrimages and organized groups. The sacred place has four rooms: Santa Clelia Barbieri, Beato Bartolomeo Maria dal Monte, Sala San Luca, and Canonico don Arturo Fabbri, all dedicated to important and historical religious figures. The various rooms can accommodate up to a hundred people and are available for educational activities, brotherhood meetings, and Pre-Cana courses.

A visit to the Sanctuary to honor the Mother of God in the image of the Madonna of San Luca also provides an excellent opportunity to study the other artistic decorations adorning the entire basilica.

After stopping in front of the revered Image, leave the corridor on the north side to see the exhibition curated by the Mexican sisterhood of the Missionarie di Gesù Ostia for a Marian twinning with their homeland, documenting the extraordinary apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Later you can watch a video composed by the sisters with music inspired by the position of the stars on the Virgin’s cloak, as if they had been placed on a musical score.

At the Sanctuary there is also an evocative Crypt open to visitors that has preserved the history and tradition of the Sanctuary as well as a number of illustrious and beloved tombs such as that of Card Nasalli Rocca and the mother of Don Giuseppe Dossetti.

Pilgrimage Paths

There are many paths that travel through San Luca and the Sanctuary is always happy to welcome pilgrims passing through, offering the walkers spiritual refreshment and much more. Here are some examples: