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Guided tours of the Sanctuary

Guided tours of the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary of San Luca, which stands on the Colle della Guardia, has been an important symbol of Bologna for centuries, as well as an object of religious worship. It is connected to the city center by a road that starts at Porta Saragozza and winds up the hill under a series of more than 600 porticoes for a total of 4 kilometers, making it the longest in the world. This, combined with the many other porticoes throughout the city, resulted in a UNESCO World Heritage candidacy in 2019.

This path has hosted an annual procession every Ascension Week since 1433 to carry the Byzantine Madonna and Child down to the Bologna cathedral. The addition of the portico began in 1674, with the subsequent construction of the sanctuary church during the 18th century to replace an earlier 15th-century building.

A destination for many tourists from all over the world, traveling to the Sanctuary allows visitors to admire the architectural beauty of the Porticoes and the Sanctuary, as well as the paintings and valuable pieces housed within.

For information on guided tours: or Tel. 0512840436